# What is Kosu?

Kosu is a decentralized network and protocol that functions to provide an aggregated order book for virtual settlement systems. More specifically, the Kosu network, a bonded proof-of-stake blockchain built on Tendermint Consensus, coacts with the Kosu system contracts, a set of Ethereum-based contracts, to align shareholder incentives and manage the overall network state. The result is a curated, verifiable, public set of order messages.

For market makers, Kosu provides an unrestricted venue for order message broadcast. For traders, Kosu offers a highly accessible liquidity source for a tremendous variety of virtual assets.

Click here for a technical introduction to the Kosu protocol.

# Use cases

Developers, applications, and businesses can leverage Kosu for a variety of use cases, finance-related or otherwise.

  • Tap into a global liquidity source from anywhere in the world, without restriction.
  • Complement 0x-mesh by providing an aggregated view of the p2p mesh network (decentralized relayer) or by providing new peers an additional bootstrapping solution.
  • Build a "matcher" – an exchange system build atop Kosu
  • Trade fully client-side with a Kosu network node, and an Ethereum client
  • Experiment with Kosu event-based API for new types of decentralized applications
  • ...

# Core protocol

The core protocol is implemented as a bonded proof-of-stake aggregation network, supported by a system of Ethereum contracts. The network itself is currently built on Tendermint Consensus.

Click here to read a system overview, or about token mechanics or validator curation.

# Developer tools

Paradigm Labs is also leading development of a variety of developer tools to enable rapid development on top of Kosu. A non-exhaustive list is below.

  • Kosu.js (source code here)
    • Primary library for interacting with the Kosu contract system and network
    • Includes tools for making, signing, and posting orders
    • Allows execution/settlement of trades as a taker
    • Enables "listening" to the Kosu network event API to build order books

# Community

Paradigm Labs is committed to developing Kosu as open-source software. Connect with the team and the community to share ideas, give feedback, and ask for help.