# Kosu Monorepo Contribution Guide

All contributions to the kosu-monorepo are welcome and greatly appreciated! This document serves to outline the process for contributions and help you get set up.

# Steps to get started

  1. Fork 'ParadigmFoundation/kosu-monorepo'
  2. Clone your fork
  3. Follow the installation instructions in the monorepo's top level README.
  4. Open pull requests with the [WIP] flag against the master branch and include a description of the intended change in the PR description.

Before removing the [WIP] tag and submitting a PR for review, make sure that:

  • it passes our linter checks (yarn lint).
  • it's properly formatted with yarn prettier.
  • the whole kosu-monorepo builds (yarn build)
  • the test suite passes for all packages (yarn test)
  • it passes our continuous integration tests (https://ci.kosu.io)
  • your fork is up to date with master

# Branch structure & naming

Our main branch, master, represents the current development state of the codebase. All pull requests should be opened against master.

Name your branch with the format {fix | feature | refactor }/{ description }

  • A fix addresses a bug or other issue
  • A feature adds new functionality/interface surface area
  • A refactor changes no business logic or interfaces, but improves implementation

# Additional Details

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Henry Harder (GitHub @hrharder), or message us on any of our communication channels. We are always happy to help! If you have feedback, bugs, or feature requests, please shoot them our way.